Roblox, widely advertised as an “imagination platform” is an online platform that offers its avid users to play unlimited 3D games. This platform was created in 2004 and was launched in the year 2005 and was a brain-child of Roblox Corporation. The game was, at first, marketed under the name DynaBlocks. It was renamed to its present name in the year 2006. This platform is highly acclaimed worldwide for its uniqueness and has a user base of a massive 178 million. As per official estimation, 64 million players use this platform each month. This platform is available for both android and iOs platforms.

You can also enjoy Roblox on your Xbox, PC or other gadgets. However, this game is listed under the Parental Guide (12+). The concept of Roblox is to let you conceptualize your games and play them. In a way, Roblox can be described as a gaming platform created gamers which are also for gamers. This site also allows you to socialize with other online players too. Isn’t that interesting enough for you to try it once?

A Brief Information About Roblox:

Robux is an in-game currency of the game Roblox. In 2006, Roblox came up with only a single currency, named Roblox points. Roblox points were later renamed as Robux or tickets among some players. The game went through a lot of customization. Gradually it allowed its users to wear hairpieces, send friend requests and send messages to others. The multiplayer stage for Roblox was also developed in 2006.

It allowed customizing a player’s character in the year of 2007 and in the same year it also offered Builders Club, a membership club for its premium users. You must be amazed to know that in Roblox Conference, the developers allow it’s premium users to trade their collectibles with other members. After a while, a function of adding Robux to profiles was allowed.

Roblox Functions:

Are you a gamer? Interested to give this a try? You can easily start it choosing a username.  After that, you need to give your personal details as well, such as your birth date, gender, and a secure password. If you are a user of any social network, you can easily relate to the signing up procedure.

Done with your profile? Now you can follow other gamers, check your feed and get a complete list of all the games you have played and also badges you have earned throughout the games. You can also be a member of any known gaming group. Roblox also allows you to have a conversation with an anonymous player around the world.

How Robux works:

Roblox consists of several virtual currencies. The two currencies could be converted to each other at any time. Around the year 2013, the value of Robux was highly increased. The minimal price a gamer can pay for an in-game catalog was hiked from 1 Robux to a huge 25 Robux, which converts to 300 in tickets. However, after facing a massive backlash from the gaming community, it was later reduced to 10 Robux or 100 tickets.

Another important development of the game was allowing its users to exchange the Robux currency in USD. This increased a craze among the gamers to earn more Robux to exchange them for real cash. However, to be a part of this program, a gamer was supposed to have 100000 Robux in their account.

One could withdraw their money through a PayPal account. Players also could rename their in-game names for the sake of 1000 Robux. The premium members of Roblox can earn Robux on daily basis in varying amounts (around 15 Robux) based on their subscription plan or you could simply sell your collectibles to earn some extra Robux.

Steps to Earn Free Robux:

There are several ways you can earn Robux. Here are the steps for you_

  • As mentioned before, you can earn Robux through the premium membership plan of Roblox. Depending on your subscription, you can earn your Robux in varying amounts.
  • Selling your in-game commodities can also get you Robux. You can deal wearable, such as pants, shirts and seats, which can also work as a Robux generator.
  • Another way of generating Robux can also be winning Robux codes developing games or selling any content in the Roblox catalog. There are ways to monetize your self-developed games. This is possibly the most profitable way of generating Robux.
  • If you opt to buy Robux from browser apps, you have various options for that. You can either choose credit/debit cards or Roblox Game Card or PayPal. For mobile apps, you can use Google Play or e-commerce site, such as Amazon or iTunes. It also offers Roblox Xbox One Application for Xbox players.

Free Robux Generator 2019 – Working Method!

If you are reading this topic, you must be the one who has looked for free Robux generator in the web to avail free Robux for their Roblox account. You must be aware of the fact that there are no legitimate Robux generators available in the market. All the sites claiming for the same are either trying to put you through a survey or inject a virus in your system or just simply trying to get a hold of your game account stealing your information. If you ever find these kinds of lucrative claims, for your safety, avoid browsing those sites.

You may also be swayed the screenshots of all claims available online, however, you must be informed that Roblox is an online multiplayer game which simply means that all data in your game profile are saved virtually in a distant server and not in your local drive. This is what makes it impossible for a third-party application to do generate some free Robux for you. Robux is sold only the company itself with proper transactions.

Final Words!!!

Since this gaming platform is meant for children with a rating of parental guidance, it is notified to all parents to keep a check on their children’s gaming sessions and also put a 4-digit pin code to the game. It is also recommended not to use any original information in the game as personal safety should be ones prime concern.